Best PLM software for T.RAD is Teamcenter, with fast delivery and ease of use

By Margaret Furleigh

What’s the best PLM software for T.RAD?

T.RAD manufactures heat exchangers for automobiles, motorcycles, industrial equipment and other products. Using product data management (PDM) and a legacy file server, T.RAD was struggling to manage the designs for hundreds of parts. People didn’t know which design was the most recently updated, and they couldn’t manage multiple versions of design software files.

When it came time to renew and update their existing PDM system, T.RAD decided it was cost-prohibitive and would take too much time and resource. Instead they chose to invest in new Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software that required less initial investment, cost less to maintain and operate, required less operation effort for designers, and promoted easier design re-use.

T.RAD chose Teamcenter as the best PLM software to take control of their product data and processes, including 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation, and their bill of materials (BOM). With Teamcenter, they can leverage product information across multiple domains and departments, such as manufacturing, quality, cost engineering, compliance, service, and the supply chain.

T.RAD chose to start with a small proof of concept environment using Teamcenter Rapid Start, a preconfigured delivery option for Teamcenter that they could get into production quickly, and cost-effectively. Teamcenter Rapid Start provides multi-CAD data management capabilities to efficiently manage, control, and share CAD data across the entire design and supply chain. Teamcenter Rapid Start comes with the minimum settings required for testing out of the box, allowing T.RAD to build the environment they needed in a matter of a few days.

After testing, T.RAD confirmed that they could re-use their designs without any difficulty. The tests also gave project members a taste of how intuitive and easy Teamcenter software is to use. This was the determining factor in implementing Teamcenter.

“Teamcenter was so easy to use and operate, and intuitive, too. Teamcenter allowed us to cut the time we spent on data management, such as registering and re-using design data, by 80 percent compared to the previous PDM system.”

— Noriyuki Hashimoto, Chief IT Promotion Business Reform Office, T.RAD

With Teamcenter in production at T.RAD, data management is as simple as using folders in a file system, significantly reducing user stress and time allocated to train new hires. This allows designers more time to design sophisticated tasks such as modeling. Teamcenter supports Microsoft® Windows® OS, eliminating the need for any special skills and thereby enabling anyone in the IT department to manage it. This resulted in a significant reduction in maintenance and IT time and costs. Teamcenter also works well with and supports multiple versions of various CAD software, resolving other issues posed by the previous system. Read the full case study to learn more about how T.RAD has streamlined product development with Teamcenter.

For companies like T.RAD, Teamcenter Rapid Start is the first step to a winning CAD data management strategy that can overcome the top time-wasters in design — which may be wasting up to 25 percent of your valuable design time.

Is Teamcenter the best PLM software for you? Learn more about the preconfigured enterprise PDM-PLM delivery options to get into production with Teamcenter quickly and cost-effectively — on the cloud or on premises. Watch these videos to see why Teamcenter is a PLM System that’s easy, intuitive, and accessible for MCAD and ECAD designers and others across your business.

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