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By Margaret Furleigh

Did you know that the demand for batteries is set to outpace supply by over 50% before 2030?

The desire for sustainable mobility has sent the battery industry into overdrive. Manufacturers are struggling to keep up and as investment continues to rise, the race is on to scale production to gigafactory level and get to the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry.

To match current and predicted future demand, battery development companies, whether they are start-ups or current producers have to innovate. Companies must invest in next-generation, sustainable technology while also ensuring they balance key metrics for fast charging, cost and sustainability and develop new cells and packs fast enough to stay ahead of the competition. To speed up battery development, companies must break free from traditional engineering and validation processes that separate engineers in silos and hinder collaboration.

In such a highly competitive market, it is vital for battery companies to go to market with outstanding products that have been thoroughly tested to avoid safety, recall and liability concerns.

By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, companies can avoid design defects and expensive test failures in late development stages.

Developing the next generation of batteries requires an agile and collaborative way of working that ensures successful system integration and at the same time shortens development cycles.

Enabling engineers across domains to collaborate together in real-time to gain a 360º view of project, product and process data will enable your organization to take faster data-driven decisions to secure your position as an industry leader. Product lifecycle management (PLM) software provides a single source of product information for all stakeholders to speed up innovation and drive the development of next-generation batteries.

Take control of battery development complexity with SaaS PLM

Many battery manufacturers are realizing the benefits of PLM solutions to enable them to manage product-related processes and information across various domains. Managing all your CAD designs, organizing documents, automating key processes, and visualizing your products in a single environment is becoming the standard.

It is now possible to realize that vision with the added benefits of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), allowing companies to quickly address today’s complex challenges with proven best-practice PLM solutions that drive growth and accelerate product development. With Siemens SaaS PLM solution, Teamcenter X, companies can benefit from a cloud offering that gets you up and running from day one. The solution features an easy and accessible user experience, helping you to onboard teams quickly and improve time-to-value.

Architected for the cloud, Teamcenter X provides all stakeholders instant access to current requirements, specifications, and feedback in real-time, wherever they are based. With web-based access and no installation, it enables them to work from any device, at home, in the office or on the shop floor. The cloud-based SaaS solution also provides greater flexibility than on-premises PLM.

With no perpetual license to purchase, you have the flexibility to test new functionalities and add new users as required to scale up or down to meet your changing business needs.

With SaaS PLM you can boost IT resiliency to better support your high-performance teams. Break down organizational silos thanks to a secure, project-based environment that brings teams together, enabling them to collaborate more effectively, and gain a 360º view of projects with continuous traceability to ensure compliance, and on-time delivery of high-quality, sustainable products. Take advantage of Teamcenter X’s cloud-based solutions, to improve business continuity and efficiency with streamlined processes and preconfigured best-practice workflows.

Teamcenter X = full functionality PLM + benefits of the cloud

✔ Gain fast PLM access for all stakeholders, anytime, anywhere

Reduce the cost of ownership with predictable operational expenses and minimal IT infrastructure

Accelerate product design by leveraging existing knowledge to support design re-use, manage change and speed cycle time

Streamline product development and manufacturing processes with internal and external stakeholders

✔ Create a multi-domain bill of materials (BOM) to visualize your entire product

Shift the IT burden with SaaS PLM

With Teamcenter X, Siemens is responsible for data security and managing your backup data. By partnering with Siemens, you‘ll gain a PLM environment built on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. You can rely on Siemens, and our cloud partner, to lower your risk of cyberattacks and IP theft by ensuring you have the latest security features and protections.

And, with the latest security features, also come the latest PLM capabilities and productivity-enhancing features. Updates are automatically installed, with no IT downtime potentially delaying product development.

Today, remote work has become the norm, creating the need for a solution that enables you to securely connect everyone, wherever they work. Teamcenter X eliminates the need to provide a virtual private network (VPN) for remote workers and collaborators. Stakeholders require only internet access to participate, new users can be invited quickly and easily and are only given access to the areas of the product development process that are necessary for their tasks, improving security.

Shifting the IT burden is more than enabling remote work. With Teamcenter X, Siemens takes on the responsibility of managing hardware, infrastructure, deployment, software updates and troubleshooting, meaning you can invest your IT resources in driving business and developing the products of the future.

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No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

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