Autodesk PDM, for AutoCAD and Inventor, that Can Grow to PLM

By Margaret Furleigh

Autodesk product data management (PDM) for AutoCAD and Inventor can help you find, share and re-use designs across your engineering team, but is it enough for you as your business grows?

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Or, watch this video to see how Teamcenter in AutoCAD and Inventor provides an Autodesk PDM solution to help your design teams quickly search and access parts, assemblies and drawings, and save time trying to find and share design information.

As you can see, you can access and use PDM without leaving your Autodesk CAD tool of choice. Once you gain the improvements in engineering productivity and efficiency with Autodesk PDM, it follows that you may want to include more people and processes across your business. As you stretch your PDM system to do more, you need to be sure your software can grow as fast as your business.

Our approach to PDM is to give customers the flexibility to grow from PDM to product lifecycle management (PLM) in one software system. We have developed this roadmap of best practices and recommendations to help you get started with PDM, then grow to PLM, in a way that fits the priorities and budget of your business.

Autodesk PDM to PLM.JPG

With the Teamcenter solution for Autodesk PDM, you can easily access functions such as search and reuse, structured workflows, change management processes, design relationships and more from within the native CAD authoring environments of AutoCAD and Inventor.

Autodesk PDM is available with both Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start, the preconfigured PDM solution you can deploy in 2-3 weeks. Read the AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor fact sheets for details on the Teamcenter-Autodesk integrations. To see any other Teamcenter integrations with CAD, watch these videos: NX Data Management, Solid Edge Data Management and SolidWorks Data Management.

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