Engineers collaborate on a product Bill of Materials (BOM)

Embrace cloud-based SaaS: revolutionize your BOM management with Teamcenter X

In the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, staying ahead requires product development solutions that not only addresses current challenges but…

Business Value of a Multi-View BOM Approach

How does BOM management fit within your company‚Äôs digital thread strategy? The multi-view approach to lifecycle product structures management is…

Avoid BOM Info Overload

Work in Context to Avoid BOM Information Overload Two dueling pressures face manufacturers today: The growing demand to bring their…

Engineers working on the design BOM of an automobile

Design BOM tracking? Use Active Change!

Have you wondered how you can keep track of the numerous changes to the design BOM? Teamcenter Active Change can help you track modifications

Why CAD BOM Separation?

CAD BOM (aka design BOM or design structure) is virtual and describes the product from a geometrical perspective

Bill of material BOM management across departments, disciplines, and domains

Bill of Material (BOM) Management across Departments, Domains, and Disciplines

Watch the video to learn the benefits of creating and managing a multi-disciplinary BOM.

Extending BOM Software and the Drive to Digital

With the expansion of BOM software management beyond traditional uses, it is vital for organizations to manage traceability and reuse of a BOM globally.

Product Variation

Keep Control of your Product Variant BOMs

It is easier than ever to manage product variants with a visual grid-table format.

New BOM Management Capabilities in Active Workspace 4.3

We have made significant enhancements to our assembly-based BOM management capabilities in Active Workspace 4.3. We have added features and improved usability so that Active Workspace can be the tool of choice for any user.