2017 in Review: Best Teamcenter Topics on Enterprise PDM to PLM

By Katie_Dudek

Happy New Year! Want to keep up with the latest blog content on enterprise PDM to PLM?

If you’ve been watching the Teamcenter blog, you know we covered a range of topics from enterprise PDM (product data management) to PLM (product lifecycle management) in 2017, with a focus on showing how Teamcenter is easier to use and deploy than ever before … along with the breadth of our portfolio to reach new users!

I thought the best way to welcome 2018 is to reflect on 2017 with a look at our most popular blog posts. Each year, we take a look at which blogs you have enjoyed reading the most based on comments, kudos, and readership. This way, we know what type of content you are looking forward to in the New Year, and how we can improve our coverage of the Teamcenter enterprise PDM to PLM topics.

So, here goes … announcing the Best of Teamcenter Blog 2017. This list contains the top ten blog posts that were published over the whole year, ranging in all sorts of topics. Hopefully, you discover a blog post that you’ve missed, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

The Top 10 Teamcenter Blogs, from Enterprise PDM to PLM:

10: PLM Integrated Material Intelligence: Can We Get the Best of Both Worlds?

Kerri Doyle, April 28

BestofBothOpportunities.jpgCompanies can benefit from the full depth and traceability of material intelligence authored using GRANTA MI, while also being able to ensure consistency and support the digital-twin using  Teamcenter Integrated Material Management capabilities.  You can get the best of both worlds. 


9: New Teamcenter Product Cost Management Capabilities

Emilia Maier, April 10

productcostmanagement2.jpgTeamcenter Product Cost Management 8.1 includes optimized features to significantly increase speed of cost estimation, accuracy, and consistency. 

8: NX design management delivers PLM in NX with Active Workspace 

Margaret Furleigh, Jan 26

NXdesignmanagement2.pngTake a look at the integration of full Teamcenter PLM capabilities inside NX using Active Workspace!




7: SolidWorks PDM Made Easy

Margaret Furleigh, Feb 15


It’s worth taking a look to see Teamcenter with embedded Active Workspace inside SolidWorks.





6: Best Practices Implementing Workflow

Susan Zimmerlee, April 24

Companies look to workflow on PLM as one of the tools to improve productivity, let’s discuss some best practices that will help ensure that you are focusing on this end goal, and not just making a manual process electronic.





5: Easy PLM? Take a closer look at Deployment Center.

Bob Donovan, Nov 1


 See how your business can more easily install, patch and upgrade Teamcenter to reduce the cost of ownership.





4: Autodesk PDM for AutoCAD and Inventor that can grow

Margaret Furleigh, Feb 23


 Whether you use AutoCAD or Inventor, now you can access Teamcenter through Active Workspace directly. Read this blog on Autodesk PDM to learn more.




3: Integrated BOM for Manufacturing

Susan Zimmerlee, Jan 30


Let’s explore how an integrated BOM for manufacturing can help ensure the quality of your product definition, having a direct impact on the quality of your products and the profitability of your company.

2: Ready to Reach Beyond? See What’s New in Teamcenter!

Rohit Tangri, Jan 19 and June 12


 This series of posts on what’s new in Teamcenter continue to out-perform most other blogs in terms of overall readership, which tells us we are reaching customers who want to be in the know with this content. Catch up on the first release of 2017 (what’s new in Teamcenter 10.1.7 and 11.2.3, along with Active Workspace 3.2) and the second release of 2017 (what’s new in Teamcenter 11.3 and Active Workspace 3.3).


1: Declarative UI Configuration with Active Workspace

Dave McLeish, June 6, June 22 and July 19

See declarative UI configuration in action with this step-by-step introduction. Catch up the whole blog series, three posts that performed as the best of 2017, also addressing declarative configuration when change is constant and declarative programming to author Active Workspace commands (including videos).


Some Great Posts on Enterprise PDM to PLM You May Have Missed:

Change Lineage, Item Disposition, and Inventory Management

Susan Zimmerlee, March 23

ChangeLineage.pngWith change management inside of PLM, you can leverage change lineage and item disposition to help with inventory management.


Supplier Sourcing: Meet Your Cost Objectives

Kerri Doyle, April 20


Want to reduce the costs of supplier sourcingJoin customers like Mercury Marine by streamlining your supplier bid processes with Teamcenter.




Here’s to Another Great Year! 


Thank you all for such a wonderful year. All of our readers help to keep the Teamcenter blogging community active.

Let us know down in the comments if you had a favorite post that didn’t make the list… Share the information! Thank you all for reading this past year, and we look forward to 2018!

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