HyperloopTT joins the Siemens Startup Program to accelerate Sustainable Transportation

By Linh Nguyen

HyperloopTT, an American-based research company, is working to develop a transportation system that moves passengers at over 700 mph while maintaining a perfectly smooth experience. This is accomplished through infrastructure that operates in a low-pressure, fully enclosed environment that significantly improves the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Through its participation in the Siemens Startup Program, HyperloopTT has been able to build and engineer cutting-edge systems rapidly. The company needed a partner that was as innovative as the product it was building. That’s where Siemens was able to step in and help move the project forward.

How HyperloopTT can change the world of transportation

The HyperloopTT system is not just another rail system. Designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of engineering, the system is sustainable and net energy positive. This is accomplished through a highly efficient propulsion system and renewable energy sources built into the infrastructure. All of this works together to decrease operational costs and improve the system’s safety.

The team that is working to change the world of transportation needed a software package that would enable remote working while maintaining advanced digitalization of its collaborative materials. They are accomplishing this through digital twin technology that enables work from anywhere in the world.

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