Introduction to Siemens Startup Program

By Linh Nguyen

At Siemens, we have a long history of helping startups through the Solid Edge Portfolio. We understand the struggles of early-stage startup companies, and we are dedicated to providing software solutions to help entrepreneurs along their journeys. A few years ago, we recognized there is also a need for startup companies to get access to some of our higher-end, more expensive products, which were less accessible for startup companies at the time.

We created a special startup program that includes some of our more sophisticated products. The program is packaged and priced in a way that is accessible to early-stage startups, to help them at the beginning of their journeys.

What we offer our customers is a scalable solution based off our Xcelerator Platform, which has three key differentiators. This package includes the comprehensive digital twin, which helps customers in the early stages of design all the way through production. The second part of the package is the personal and adaptable element of the program, where customers are able to pick and choose which solutions work best for them, and the third part is that we provide a flexible and open ecosystem, which allows our customers to integrate other tools or applications into our program.

Giving our startup customers access to this extensive suite of tools allows them to be able to work with leading manufactures, that help them move quickly throughout their product development process, which allows them to bring their products to market faster.

Startups are innovative, exciting, and changing our world with their technology and Siemens wants to be apart of the journey.

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Grow your business to its full potential using cost-effective and high-value-added software. Let us remove the barriers on your startup journey by helping you transform your engineering startup ideas into real, marketable products with industry-leading software tools.

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Siemens Startups Program: from idea to market leader with the right tools

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