YouTube and Community are Right in the Software

By MLombard


To get the Solid Edge Community Blog feed right in your Solid Edge window, go to the View tab, then on the far left, click the Panes dropdown list. This brings up a pane you can either dock inside the SE window or float to another monitor just to keep tabs on what’s going on over here.

solidedgecommunity.pngClick on any of the blog post titles, and it will bring you here for the rest of the story.

You can also get a YouTube pane to show that not only shows featured Solid Edge video content, but will also allow you to record a quick video to YouTube so you can share it on the Community Forum. Sharing quick


videos is a great way to communicate either your question or your answer. If your computer has a mic, you can even add sound to your forum post.

These things are worth checking out. Getting or offering help is a great way to keep advancing your skills or learn new areas that you don’t necessarily use every day.


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