Winner for 4copter Rendering Contest Announced

By MLombard

keyshot solid edge rendering contest winner.jpg

Alex Bergeron, the creator of this month’s rendering contest winner, has promised to share some of his techniques for creating the lights and rotor blur in his entry. So you may want to check the comments section in his area of the contest.

@AlexBergeron gets bragging rights for the next month, and his choice of Solid Edge swag from the grab bag.

We had all great entries this month, and it could have gone the way of either of the other entries. I voted for Alex’s image because of his use of more advanced effects. Motion Blur is not part of the free version of Keyshot offered within Solid Edge, but there are other ways to achieve that, and it was not against the rules that you can’t use other versions of Keyshot.

Plus, he took some initiative and remodeled part of the 4copter shroud.

I liked all the images, but this one stood out to me.


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