What’s New in Solid Edge CAM Pro

By wrightj

In a previous blog post, we introduced you to Solid Edge CAM Pro.  Now, we can talk about What’s New in the product.  For clarity, I will be referring to some features from a previous release.  Let’s get started.

Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)


PMI is dimensions, tolerances, and other manufacturing information that is applied to the geometric model.  The “Old School” method of doing this was to place all this data on a drawing.  As a Manufacturing Engineer, I have two problems with the Old School approach:

  1. I have to refer to an external document to get key information (slows me down)

  2. I might make mistakes in getting that information transferred from the drawing to my manufacturing processes (decreased accuracy).

Having PMI on the model helps enable Model-Based Definition (AKA Model-Based Engineering).  The thinking behind this is that the geometric model is the go-to reference for all disputes, not the drawing.

We have been able to transfer PMI data with the model from Solid Edge to CAM via JT for several releases.  Now we are adding that same capability to PLMXML transfer – you don’t need to understand that term, just understand that when you click “Send files to Solid Edge CAM Pro” that the PMI goes with.  We are still working on a couple of PMI data types, but the majority transfers now.


Adaptive Clearing

I will have an entire blog post devoted to this topic in a few days.  For now, let me just say that this technology is really cool, and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Feature Based Machining (FBM)Capture.JPG

FBM is a great tool in the Solid Edge CAM Pro toolkit.  If you create NC Programs for a lot of prismatic geometry, then you will benefit from the speed at which FBM can create tool paths.  New in this release is the ability to re-use an existing operation set as your template.  Here’s how it works – you have created a set of operations for some prismatic geometry (holes or straight-sided pockets for example).  Now, you can choose that set of operations as your template.  Select the new geometry, and FBM will create new operations for the new geometry based on your proven operation set.  No need to edit the FBM Knowledge Engine.



B-Axis Continuous TurningCapture.JPG

Because Solid Edge CAM Pro is in fact a “Pro” level product, we have customers who use it to create NC Programs for their complex B-Axis Turn-mill centers.  This new feature allows those folks to contour a 2D profile with a cutting tool (similar to what 5-Axis contour profiling can do for mills).


Other New Features

I don’t have the column space to go into detail about all the new features, but the list is impressive.  To name a few: Explorer-style dialogs, multi-tool capability for turn-mills, parametric turning tool holders, added color support in machining simulation, and improvements in processing time when calculating complex machining operations.

If you’re attending IMTS, why not stop by booth 134500, East Building and see us?  You can get a live demo of both Solid Edge and Solid Edge CAM Pro.  We will also be showing off some live machining.

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