What’s New in Solid Edge 2022: 3D Design Enhancements

By Jayne Scheckla

Sometimes it’s the simple things in design that help the most. With more than 550 customer-requested usability enhancements, Solid Edge 2022 includes some exciting new capabilities that, although not important enough to focus on in the launch presentation, are features our customers have been asking for.

“The number of new features and improvements in Solid Edge 2022 is simply enormous.”

Carsten Oestmann, IT/CAD Application & Project Manager, Focke

Solid Edge 2022 introduces an industry-unique radiate command that enables you to effortlessly edit the radii of circles in your part models.

With this new feature, pattern faces are automatically found and edited correctly. Pattern locked dimensions are relaxed during radiate and locked back when the operation is finished.

This new synchronous technology capability allows satellite faces to move radially as an operation is performed, while maintaining design intent, letting you reinvent the wheel, effortlessly.

Radiate command in Solid Edge 2022


No more building gussets by hand. Gussets plates can be created as internal components on both assembly components and frames. This can decrease development time.

Family of Assemblies

Family of Assemblies (FOA) is a visual indication for out-of-date FOA members. Outdated members retain an out-of-date status downstream. You have full control of when to update the member.

FOA demonstrated on Fiamma espresso machine model
FOA parts list feature demonstrated on espresso machine component

Equation-driven curves

Equation-driven curves is a new command that adds additional pre-defined curves into your design, letting you easily create complex curves using saved pre-sets that can be used as a starting point if needed. The command uses parametric equations and parameters to define the curve. Shapes may be derived from the equations. This command also provides a dynamic preview of the curve as equations and parameters change.

Wrapped decals may be now be passed to KeyShot for rendering, providing even more realism to your imagery.

Assign capture fit

Assign capture fit allows you to predefine relationships in the part environment for consumption in the assembly environment, allowing you to intelligently assemble commonly used parts faster and with less effort. You can pre-define the part file to assign the relationship in the part environment. You can also view or skip relationships.

Subdivision modeling in Solid Edge 2022

Subdivision modeling includes several new commands in this year’s release.

Subdivision bridge creates a loft-like bridge between faces or edges of subdivision cages. This allows for the creation of a one-sided bridge, a two-section bridge with shape curve, a linear bridge with no shape curve, and an open bridge with edges as the input.

Subdivision bridge

Subdivision offset allows you to select faces of a cage and offset them along their normal direction. This can be useful for dividing faces without the need for extensive cage splitting and also helps to avoid non-quad faces. This new capability can also make it easier to add geometric detail in areas that need to be raised or lowered.

Align to curve for subdivision modeling moves cage vertices to a pre-defined or iteratively drawn curve or sketch in order to match existing shapes or design new shapes using hand-drawn curves.

Lift support for laminar edges creates new faces when laminar edges, or edges not connected to each other, are lifted.

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