Try Solid Edge SP for yourself right now!

By DavidChadwick

Solid Edge SP is our new design management solution for Solid Edge users that was first made available with ST5. Already we have have several customers using this software to get control of both their growing volumes of Solid Edge CAD files and all the related technical documents that are used as part of the design process.

A quick and easy way for you to get a good feel for the capabilities of Solid Edge SP is to work through some of the activities that are immediately available to you through our self paced training utility (and of course there are many other Solid Edge training resources available here too!)

  1. Visit the Solid Edge Training Library

  2. Click on Solid Edge SP in the Miscellaneous Courses area

  3. Click on Launch the Solid Edge SP Course

  4. Review any of the topics, but best to start with the Introduction to Solid Edge SP

  5. The interactive activities are the best part of this – these are marked by activity_large.png

  6. Have fun exploring Solid Edge SP – and let us know what you think of this utility!


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