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Art Patrick is well-known amongst longtime Edgers, and if you’ve ever attended a Solid Edge University event before, you’ve likely seen him present before. I’ve heard that his presentations are riveting, and after speaking with him for a while, it’s easy to see why. He not only prefers live demonstrations over running through hundreds of slides, but his technical expertise is far-reaching—and for good reason!

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Today he’s known as the product manager for assemblies in Solid Edge, but throughout his 28 years with Siemens, he has worn many hats. Among these are product manager for Intergraph CAM (predating Solid Edge), product planning for Solid Edge drafting, original planning and functionality for sheet metal, and he was heavily involved in the original planning of Synchronous Technology.

This year at Solid Edge University in Phoenix on June 5, he will be sharing “What You Need to Know about the Latest in Solid Edge Assembly” which will include a deep dive into three new areas of functionality: Flexible hoses, auto-simplify, and clone placement. He will also run through some of the great yet lesser-known capabilities we’ve added to Solid Edge in the past few years that can really help your workflows when dealing with large assemblies.

In a typical presentation, he strives to address frequently asked questions from users about how to achieve a certain result in Solid Edge, why a feature or command works the way that it does, and what best practices he recommends. In short, his goal is to help people with the areas in which they struggle most frequently. This year, he plans to cover a bit more about animation and assembly patterning.

“We’ll have fun no matter what we do,” he says.

As for what to expect with regard to the new functionality, you’ll just need to attend the session if you want to be among the first to hear details Smiley Wink We will say, though, that you can expect an improvement in large assembly performance.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks as we preview a few other sessions that will be presented at Solid Edge University in Phoenix, Arizona this year! You can view the full agenda on the Siemens PLM Connection website today. And if you’re not registered to attend already, what are you waiting for? Head over to the registration page today and sign up to attend SEU Phoenix!

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