Stuff to do at SEU: Kevin Riggs with Help and Training

By MLombard


New users and recent converts need to be at SEU more than anyone else. Even if you are interested in evaluating Solid Edge as an alternative to whatever you’re using now, it’s a great investment, and a way to get to talk to real users, and really see what the software can do.

Part of getting settled in a new design system is of course learning it, and there’s no better way to figure out the best way to learn the software than by hearing it from the guy who put it all together.

Kevin Riggs, who leads the documentation and training efforts is giving a session on Thursday morning at 8 am on how to navigate Solid Edge help and training across your desktop and mobile devices. This is really key information to making the most of your Solid edge investment. Kevin has been in charge of this important area of the software for some time

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