Stuff to do at SEU: Follow the Tracks

By MLombard


A lot of you have asked for this, and it really makes sense, so this year, the SEU breakout sessions have been organized in tracks. You can check out the agenda here. If you go to the drop-down list next to “Show”, you can select one of the various tracks that are available. This will list all of the sessions in the selected track, so you can see everything you’re interested in all at once.

So say you’re interested in Data Management sessions. Select Data Management from the list and click Go.  Now you’re looking at all of the Data Management sessions at SEU16.

From the looks of the schedule, most of the sessions in the Data Management track are set up so that they don’t conflict (there is 1 overlap out of 10 sessions). Further, it looks like all of the sessions in the Data Management track are in the same room. I can’t guarantee that all of the tracks work out as neatly as this one, but this one works out nicely.

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