Solid Edge user group coming to Cincinnati

By MLombard

The internet (all hail the internet), as great as it is, cannot replicate every corner of human interaction. And the fact is that even this on-line community for Solid Edge does not touch every need of every user. Having dealt with CAD users now for about 20 years, I can tell you that users come in all stripes. Some do not use social media or the internet for work. Some will not use personal time for work topics. Some will refuse to talk to salesmen.


So what if we created a face-to-face user group in your city that meets at lunch time. A group run by users for users. Where all you get is technical info, no sales pitches. Maybe we buy your lunch and give out some Solid Edge swag. We put you in touch with Solid Edge development executives. And the meetings are free. Just show up and take as much technical mattjohnsonsolidedgeusergroup.jpghelp with you as you can absorb in two hours.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. In Cincinnati. On April 13. From noon to 2 pm. At the Milford, OH Siemens facility. Sign up using

This new group will be led by Matt Johnson, one of the most knowledgeable Solid Edge people you will ever find, inside or outside of the company.

Just as a teaser, this will be the first city of three where we will be seeding new user groups this spring.

Here are some details of the meeting:

  • The meeting is free of charge to all who want to come

  • In the new tech savvy Innovation Room

  • Serving lunch

  • Introduction by Matt Lombard, Community Manager

  • EdgeGroup business by Matt Johnson

  • Keynote address by Jeff Walker, head of Solid Edge Development

  • Giveaways

  • News on next meeting

So sign up for the inaugural meeting of the Cincinnati EdgeGroup. There will be on-going opportunities for leadership, public speaking, and interaction with Solid Edge employees. EdgeGroup will let you meet with other Edgers in a pressure-free setting where you can learn and share with others interested in the same things.


The service matches people’s interests with face-to-face group topics. It is one of the ways we have chosen to find people interested in Solid Edge and related topics. If you prefer not to join, please register by sending an email to

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