Solid Edge University 2015 Presentations Now Available for Download

By MLombard


For those of you who couldn’t make it, or even if you were there and you just weren’t able to catch all the sessions you wanted to see, a PDF of each breakout session is now available in the Solid Edge Knowledge Base.

What?!? You didn’t know that we had a Knowledge Base area? Well, we do try to keep it secret, what a mess it would be if all this information got out into the hands of Solid Edge users, after all ;oP  We probably don’t use it as much as we should, but it is there, and it is searchable. Use the label SEU15 to find all the presentations. Or just thumb through the last 3 pages of entries.

I will be following up on some of my favorites, interviewing the presenters and trying to draw out even more information. I know when I do a presentation, the powerpoint is just a conversation starter, and I never write the best information down anywhere. I suspect other people do that as well.

Some of my favorites were Melissa Schultz, Proof of Principle, Chris Dayton’s Solution Manager, and his Smart Features on Dumb Parts. There were several I didn’t make it to that I wanted to see, like Tushar’s 60 tips in 60 minutes, Wayne Mahan’s Synchronous and Ordered Sheet Metal, and Imre Szuc’s Keep Calm and uSE.

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