Solid Edge Tips and Tricks #2

By MLombard

Thanks to Fred White and the GTAC folks for this info. Part of the beauty of these tips is that they are easy to add to. So use the comments to add your observations/ideas/questions to expand on the brief descriptions. They come from actual support calls, so these are questions that other users like you have had.

  1.  When doing Part Painter, why are the faces not showing the assigned colors for Face or Feature selections?  You need to go into Color Manager from the View tab and make sure the option “Show Part face colors” is checked.

  1. Why am I unable to locate faces of a target part in assembly for a Mate? For multi-body part files the body marked as the Active Assembly body is the body that is available for assembly features. These are features that cut the component in the assembly but do not modify the part file on disk.

  2. solidedgetipsandtricks3.pngHow can I translate multiple step files into Solid Edge format? You can use batch macro located in the ~Solid Edge ST7CustomBatchBin folder. This Macro will allow multiple Step, and other file formats, to be converted to Solid Edge format.

  3. Is it possible to turn on hidden lines in a detail view if they aren’t turned on in the parent view?  This can be done with an independent detail view. Existing detail views can be made into independent detail views by right mouse clicking on them and selecting “Convert to Independent Detail View” from the shortcut menu.

  4. How can I scale a cross section?  The scale of a cross section is grayed out by default, but if you right mouse button on the view and deselect ‘Maintain Alignment’ this enables the scale properties.

  5. Why doesn’t Solid Edge View & Markup work correctly when using a stylus?  ST7 View & Markup is built based on TcVis 8.3 core modules, which do not support touch screen, regardless of device used (finger or stylus). If installed on the Microsoft Surface Pro, the only mode supported is Desktop mode, using the mouse.

  6. Is there a way to pull an inside face of a thin-walled Synchronous part so that it creates a unique thickness?  Yes. Hold the Ctrl key down while pulling the face.

  7. Why does the translated STL file contain a partial solid?  Please check if you have multi-bodies in the Solid Edge document. Make sure you have a single solid in the model or publish the multi-bodies and translate the assembly with the published bodies.

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