Solid Edge Streaming Pilot Reaching 5th Graders

ebowen.pngAt the Edith Bowen Laboratory School in Logan, Utah, 5th grade students are using Solid Edge to design in 3D. 

As part of the Solid Edge streaming pilot, students access Solid Edge over the internet streamed through Frame.  Streaming Solid Edge removes the overhead in managing installations, as the only system requirement is a browser and an internet connection.

The students love the opportunity, and the teachers love having excited students.  Kendrick, one of the students, designing a washing machine, remarked, “It’s like we’re a college student coming in here and doing what we just learned in our lectures.”

ebowen2.pngCombining modeling with 3D printing gives the students the chance to hold their ideas in their hands.  Their shapes are innovative and complex in appearance, but actually designed with a few basic shapes, such as cubes and circular cutouts. 

The children are open minded to changing their models, confident in their abilities to use Solid Edge to express their ideas.  As Macey puts it, “You can always add something to make it even cooler.”

Read the full story here, or visit the school’s Facebook page to learn more about their diverse programs.

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