Solid Edge @ Realize LIVE + U2U 2021: Virtual Conference Recap

By Anthony Johnson

Our Realize LIVE + User2User (U2U) events returned virtually this year on Wednesday, May 26 as a unified, content-rich, and career-advancing experience. Realize LIVE + U2U featured a full day of online sessions—both live and on-demand—with thought leadership keynotes from Siemens leaders, user experiences, and best practices to help you in your role of building a brighter future. The event was 100% free to attend.

With a dedicated set of Solid Edge experiences and training for users, Realize LIVE + U2U events provide an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and perspective alongside leaders from diverse industries worldwide. Sessions are designed to share practical knowledge that encompasses the entire product lifecycle, including new techniques, best practices, and updates about the latest Solid Edge functionality.

We’re excited to provide you with a recap of the many Solid Edge experiences that we brought to life at Realize Live + U2U. Digital transformation is no longer tomorrow’s idea. Get a virtual front-row seat, at what the future promises tomorrow, and discover how to make it real today.

Solid Edge @ Realize LIVE + U2U: Featured Sessions

Hear from industry visionaries and customers who will inform you on what’s new and exciting today in digital manufacturing, providing insight on current and future technology trends.

Here are some of the sessions we brought to life this year at Realize LIVE + U2U:

A New Era in Digital Transformation – A Solid Edge Strategic Update

Dan Staples, VP of Solid Edge R&D discussed key industry trends, their implications and how digital transformation is impacting businesses of all sizes. Dan reviewed our expanded capability set and new flexible licensing, all designed to enable a new way of working. Laura Allison, Director of Technical Operations, provided a highly-anticipated sneak peek into Solid Edge 2022, which is scheduled to be announced in early October 2021.


Dan Staples

Dan Staples

Vice President of Mainstream Engineering @ Siemens Digital Industries Software

Laura Allison

Laura Allison

Director of Technical Operations @ Siemens Digital Industries Software

Note: Realize LIVE + U2U sessions were made available on-demand for a limited time only.

Meet the Experts Session: Building World Class Products Accurately and Efficiently Using the Latest Manufacturing Techniques (45 mins)

This session involved a panel discussion on the latest trends in manufacturing. During this session, attendees heard from customer, partner and Siemens Digital Industries Software experts firsthand. Topics included industry trends, generative design, additive manufacturing, digital twin, tooling design, automated NC programming, and more.

Discussion leaders: Andy Schaffner, Jim Wright, Nathan Starick, Fred Lauzus, Jeff Walker

*This live session was repeated multiple times on May 26. 2021 to accommodate global time zones.

Meet the Experts Session: Solid Edge Product Management Roundtable (45 min)

What do you like about Solid Edge? What would you like to see in the next release? This interactive session provided an opportunity to talk with the Product Managers of Solid Edge, and provided us the opportunity to learn from you.

Discussion leaders: Aditya Gurushankar, Oliver Duncan, Sudha Srikakolapu

*This live session was repeated multiple times on May 26, 2021 to accommodate global time zones.

Solid Edge On-Demand Sessions

Conference sessions covering the following Solid Edge topics, along with many more topics spanning the entire Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, were made available to Realize LIVE + U2U attendees on-demand for a limited time.

Creating Accurate 2D Layouts of Industrial Control Panels
Customer Requirements Management & Modular Plant Design
Cutting Edge Manufacturing with Solid Edge
Design at the Speed of Creative Thought with Subdivision Modeling
Digitally Validate Your Designs with Embedded FEA
Fast, Accurate and Easy Fluid Flow Analysis for the Design Engineer
Flying Through Virtual Worlds with a Chair
How to Grow Your Startup for Long Term Success
Intelligent Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Systems Design
A Student’s Success Story: Designing Life-Saving Products with Siemens Software
Demystifying Problem and Project-Based Learning in Academia
Driving Technology Forward: University of Michigan Solar Car
Explore the Solid Edge Learning Library & Certification Preparation
Engineering After College: New Graduates Share Their Experiences About Academia and Industry
Formula Student Germany
Innovation in the Classroom: Hands-On Experience through SAE Competition
Rationalizing your CAD Portfolio: How to Maximize Flexibility while Reducing Costs
Rethinking the Manufacturing Inspection Process with LINQcase
Riding the Startup Wave with Forty1 Kitesurfing
Riding to the Top: The Story of Rurok Industries
Save Manufacturing Time and Material Costs with 2D Nesting in Solid Edge
Solid Edge for Educators: A STEM Solution for Secondary School*
Speeding Product Development for Automotive Supply Chain and Aftermarket Manufacturers
Speeding Product Development for Consumer Durables
Taking Ultralight Flight – A Flight of New Generation with Blanshey Aviation
Teamcenter Integration to Solid Edge
The Art of Assembly Modeling
The Real Green Revolution of Silicon from JPM Silicon
Using Model-Based Definition to Communicate Information Throughout the Business
Introduction to Siemens Solid Edge® Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Educators
New 3D Connexion Products: How SpaceMouse & CADMouse Improve Your Workflow
The Importance of STEM Programs in Preparing Students for the Future

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