Solid Edge Now Available Through Monthly Subscription

By MLombard

If you are starting a new business, do you buy a building right away? No. You rent one. If you have a surge in business that will only last a few months, do you hire a new full-time employee? No. You rent one. If you’re fresh out of school with no cash, and you need a new car to get to work, do you buy a new car immediately? No. You rent one.


Through this new Solid Edge software subscription program, you can access four different levels of the software through monthly subscription payments. There is no upfront cost, just a monthly payment depending on how much CAD you need:


  • Design and Drafting

  • Foundation

  • Classic

  • Premium

You can use a monthly subscription for temporary engineering staff, software evaluation, startup companies, contractors who own some other CAD but need a seat of Solid Edge for a specific project for a few months, waiting for your corporate budget to clear, or plenty of other reasons.


Capture.PNGMonthly CAD  might not be for everyone, but it clearly makes sense for some people and businesses. If you don’t have the money upfront for straight purchase, or you know that your need for the software is not going to last long term, you can do the math pretty easily to see where the break even point is.


Everything about this monthly subscription is meant to be easy. Easy to get started, easy to license, easy to keep going, easy to quit when the time comes.


Also, the monthly cost includes support. If you have a preferred reseller partner, you can ask them if they are participating in this program. If they are, you can get your support through them. Otherwise, you can just sign up directly on the Solid Edge Store.


Plus, Solid Edge has a lot of training and help documentation available for free on the web. The Solid Edge Community has a Q&A area that you should know about already if you’re reading this blog. Between the professional support, the self help and the community help, you should be able to find what you need quickly.


Just to be clear, we’re not talking cloud software here. This is real software you install on your local machine, you just pay for it by the month. Yes, you’ve got to sync up your license with an on-line server, but it doesn’t require an always-on internet connection. It’s the same software as those who purchase Solid Edge outright get.


I think this is good news for the little guys out there who want and need a professional CAD program, but haven’t been able to afford the up-front costs.


For details about the functionality included with each level and the prices, please go to the Solid Edge Store. For more general information on the monthly subscription program, go here.

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