Solid Edge Generative Design – watch the new webinar replay!

By DavidChadwick

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A replay of a new webinar on generative design is now available on (registration is required). The webinar starts with some interesting survey data and insights from industry analyst Chad Jackson. Chad discusses the pressures that designers are facing to complete many different product development tasks, and the importance for designers to be able to work easily with both mesh based and traditional b-rep CAD models.

The 1 hour webinar also includes an introduction to generative design, the benefits that we see manufacturers can achieve by using generative design as part of their product development process, and details of the new Solid Edge generative design solution. A demo video shows some different examples of components created using generative design, a step-by-step look at setting up and running a generative design study, and a fascinating case study from Hall Designs.terrible herbst4.jpgCase study: Hall Designs are using Solid Edge Generative Design to design custom components for off-road race vehiclesFrom the webinar interface you can also download eBooks from both Lifecycle Insights and Siemens that include some of the key content from the webinar. A core set of Solid Edge Generative Design capabilities are available in the ST10 release in the Solid Edge Classic and Solid Edge Premium modules. This will enable you to try out generative design on your own design challenges. Extended capbilities are available in the add-on Solid Edge Generative Design Pro module. Please let us know what you think of the webinar and the potential for adding generative design to your product development capabilities.

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