SEU16: Day 3

By MLombard

SEU has a lot of exciting moments, but none quite as anticipated as the awards and Sneak Peek of the Wrap Up Session.


We announced the winners of the rendering contest last night, Fiorini, Espinosa, and Teemu.


There were 18 new Solid Edge certifications awarded during this year’s event. Congratulations to all of you!


Special awards were given to Melissa Schultz, Matt Johnson, and Peter Llewellyn for their work with starting or maintaining Solid Edge user groups. There should be a lot of special mentions in here too.


And for Community participation, there were several people called out, a few of which weren’t actually at the event. Jan Bos, Sean Cresswell, Dave Chadwick (Siemens), Ken Grundey, Matt Johnson, Dave Merritt (Siemens), Ryan McVay, Bruce Shand, Tushar Suradkar. Thanks to these and to everyone else who really helps make the Community a go-to web destination for Solid Edge users.

Maybe the most anticipated award of the night was the Boxx giveaway. This went to…drum roll please… Scott Melegari. I hope his new Boxx comes with the Solid Edge community set up as his home page. I don’t know Scott, but maybe with his new found fame he can regale us with his tales of victory, how he came away with the Boxx when there were so many Solid Edge Community fans vying for the same prize. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

And of course you can’t forget the ST10 Sneak Peek. Last year, Jeff Walker showed a slide with all of the ST9 projects on it – with most of them scratched out with a magic marker. This year he was getting ready to show the whole list of ST10 enhancements when the screen went to static, allegedly because Dan Staples pulled the plug. I talked to Dan later, and he insists he was framed. All in good fun, of course.

We did get a list with some brief demos, however. Here’s the list:

  1. Cut across bends, move the cut

  2. Scaled body – uniform and nonuniform

  3. Pattern along curve skip count – chains

  4. Shape recognition for patterning/cloning to multiple locations/irregular patterns

  5. Automatic route path – creates 3d sketch

  6. Built in rev mgmt, revision notes, duplicate files, team center offline mode, open draft directly from the part file

  7. Use pen in SE like in catch book to make analytical sketch shapes

  8. Create brep over mesh model – available in a week or so for beta testing.

  9. Convergent modeling – work with mesh model like you work with brep. ST10

  10. 3d print with cloud service 3yourmind

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s event a big success. Attendance was up, everyone I heard with an opinion said this year’s venue was a hit. We did hear lobbying from a certain quarter that the next event should be in San Francisco. That would be a great road trip. What do you think?

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