SEU15 Videos Now Online

By MLombard

tusharseu15.pngAt Solid Edge University 2015 several of the sessions were recorded on video. The SEU15 YouTube channel has 29 of these videos, which translates into many hours of watching time. Most of these videos are plumbed right into the corresponding Knowledge Base entry. So instead of just flipping through the PDF of Tushar’s 60 tips in 60 minutes presentation, you can actually watch him deliver.

If you haven’t gone through the new Knowledge Base entries yet, you really should. Whether you were at SEU15 or not, you couldn’t have made it to all of the worthwhile presentations because many of them were scheduled at the same time. There was so much good info, you couldn’t possibly take it all in. If you didn’t go, watching a few videos does not completely replicate the experience, but it does help convey some of the information that changed hands in Cincinnati.


While you’re in the Knowledge Base, I encourage you to use the feedback tools to give kudos to items you liked, and use the “Did you find this article helpful” feedback as well. This helps us determine what kind of content you like to see so we can provide more of that sort of thing, and of course the other way around as well.

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