SEU14 video: Design Organic Shapes from 3D Scans

By MLombard

Using 3D scanned data to create parts with complex shapes is some of the most difficult work I’ve ever done. So I attended this session at Solid Edge University. Ricardo Espinosa from Kimball International, a furniture manufacturer gave the presentation. The presentation itself was done with recorded video, and Ricardo did a live narration as the video played. Mr. Espinosa gives valuable advice if you are new to this sort of work. If you’ve never done any mesh work, or surface modeling, what he does may look like magic to you, but it’s fairly standard surface modeling techniques.

The shape that he chose to model from scanned data was an office chair seat cushion. As organic shapes go, it was fairly simple, but probably appropriate for a presentation of this sort. He acknowledged that he selected a simple shape.

I missed the first part of the live presentation, but the video below captures the whole thing. Fortunately he goes through a lot of good info about scanners, and best practice.


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