SEU14 Presentations Headed for the Knowledge Base

By MLombard

1.pngThis year we’re getting the presentation files from Solid Edge University out to users more promptly. Half of them are up already, and you can expect to see the rest popping up in the Knowledge Base area today.

Here I am again with this “expectation management” bit. What we are getting are PDFs, so the presentations won’t have any of the cool effects from the Powerpoint files, videos, speaker notes, live demonstrations, and so forth. But, I guess if you wanna see the whole presentation, you’re going to have to get to SEU15 next year.

Although the PDFs don’t have everything, there is a lot of good information in there. Plus, I’ll be asking some of the presentation authors for interviews to talk about some of the ideas in more depth. It’s a great service to be able to offer these presentations even to those who couldn’t attend the event. Thanks to all the presenters at this year’s University. There is a lot of valuable stuff in there.


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