Scooter Design Challenge: Prizes for Top 10 Designs

By MLombard

scooter.pngWant to start the year off with a kick in the pants? What you need is to engage your inner child. Solid Edge is sponsoring a design contest to create a new scooter for Razor USA in conjunction with Luxion, the makers of KeyShot.

You can find all the rules and requirements for the design and the contest here.

This is a simple enough project that one person can easily handle the visual and structural design aspects in a reasonable amount of time, and with prizes for the top 10 designs, there are lots of chances to get something out of it other than the fun of just doing it.

Also, if your day job has you doing something else, this kind of design is a fun way to introduce yourself to Solid Edge, or to areas of Solid Edge you might not be as familiar with.

Have some fun, and get your design started today!


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