Render a T-Bucket, Win Ticket to SEU15

By MLombard


For those who don’t know, a T-bucket is an antique hot rod derived somehow from a Model T. I wanted to make a more exciting model this time, and everybody loves hot rods. This one has some exposed mechanicals, and if you look closely, you might even find an engine with enough parts to make it move. I’ve provided the model again this month, and as promised, we’ve upped the ante with the top prize. The winner of this contest will get free admission to Solid Edge University 2015. See the contest rules for details.

You can download the model from the attachment at the bottom of this article. It’s about 7 mb zipped parasolid. I modeled the car in ST8, so I saved it out as a parasolid so people with older versions of Solid Edge can participate.

keyshottbucket1pngThe idea is that you render the model in Keyshot, which is available with the 45 day trial of Solid Edge ST7. Submit the image(s) and then the community will vote to assign a winner. You have until July 21 2015 to submit your images. Images should be submitted on the contest Entries site.

It should be fun, and I count on seeing a lot of cool techniques and scene setups from you all. Flames, decals, transitions, human models, humor, imagination, it’s all fair game. Just make sure the model shows up in the rendering. Check out the Keyshot site and social media outlets for inspiration.

Oh, and stand by for an interview with Keyshot super star trainer Richard Funnell on the Solid Edge community blog coming up this week. Richard will share some easy things you can do to improve your renderings, and some common mistakes non-artistic people fall into when making renderings. Richard will also be leading breakout sessions at Solid Edge University this year.

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