Notes from the Field: February Meet up of Solid Edge Pune Users

By BawlekarS

Hello All!

This is the summary of the most recent Solid Edge User Meet held in Pune, India, on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 3pm – 5pm.This was the 2018-1 meet organized by the Solid Edge User Community that is located in and around Pune.

If you are interested in reading about the previous meets, here are the links: 2017-2 and 2017-3.

There were 12 attendees for this meet, who were from six different fields and background companies Kam-Avida, AESSEAL, 3M Software Solution, Venus Automation, Sparkonix and ElectroMech.

The meet started with a short self-introduction by the users. Some users were new to user meet while some had attended before. All the users were from a diverse product background, process fields, developments and services.

In the last couple of user meets, we saw people sharing their ways of using various commands, their success stories, design automation and APIs.

This time we discussed on Solid Edge to Teamcenter bi-directional (synchronization) support, drafting and UI enhancements.

Pune Feb Solid Edge User Meet.jpg

Mr. Lalit Patil from AESSEAL had a query about bi-directional support between Teamcenter and Solid Edge for custom properties. Anand Atole from Sparkonix explained a workaround of creating custom properties and saving in a template so that they are available for all components. After the user meet Mr. Lalit Patil received a resolution from Solid Edge R&D staff that resolved his query. Thanks a lot to the Solid Edge R&D staff for their quick response.

Mr. Sachin Shelke from Electromech shared his team’s experience of shifting to Solid Edge from SolidWorks.

Other users actively contributed in discussion to resolve his queries, including:

  • How to use hide and show any part in model and draft using display configurations, display properties and occurrence properties.

  • How to calculate Area moment of inertia from draft.

Mr. Sandeep Desai (Venus Automation) raised a query regarding shifting of hole balloons to default position on update. Manual positioning of balloons provision was available in earlier versions for hole table. We learned that Solid Edge R&D staff has fixed the issue in ST10MP2.

Additional points discussed during meet: 

  • Hole count of different patterns (pattern base hole count) on same surface.

  • How to effectively use configuration for large assemblies in SE

  • As always, we reminded users that while forums like user meets are a great place to share learning, issues should be submitted through GTAC so that the software becomes more robust for everyone.

The program ended with tasty snacks and juices.

This event series is a very nice initiative where we all can come together and learn from each other to effectively use the capabilities of Solid Edge. In such forums, you realize that other users have found solutions to the design challenges that you are facing.

We have finalized Friday, May 25, 2018, as the date for next meet in Pune, India; if you’d like to attend, please send an email to Mr. Ganpat Dhanwade at


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