New 3D printing partner Plural Additive Manufacturing exhibiting at Solid Edge University

plural1.jpgManufacturing parts to high tolerances and in a variety of materials is possible using Plural’s 3ntr industrial-grade printers

Solid Edge users interested in finding out more about the latest 3D Printing and additive manufacturing techniques can hear directly from our new partner Plural Additive Manufacturing at SEU16. Plural’s emphasis is both on improving individual prototypes and on manufacturing high quality parts in appropriate volumes with a low cost per part.

 Ed Israel from Plural highlights these key areas that differentiate their additive manufacturing solution:

  • Price: parts at 50% less than the cost of traditional manufacturing including the cost of the printer, materials, and maintenance annualized over a multi-year period
  • Wide range of engineering thermoplastics: materials thatrange from flexible to very hard and available to the manufacturer at market prices, not the captive pricing you see from many industrial 3D printer leaders.
  • Part Quality: ability to manufacture parts to some of the highest tolerances achievable with FDM (fused deposition modeling) based 3D printing. Highly repeatable for low volumes of 10’s to a thousand or more a month. 

Ed invites you to talk with him at SEU16 about 3D printing, the move to additive manufacturing, and how to determine your ROI before investing in the latest technology. Ed will also be exhibiting some of the many different parts they have manufactured and will be participating in a panel we are hosting on 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing. This should be a great opportunity for our Solid Edge users to hear from industry experts and other manufacturers about their experience with 3D Printing their Solid Edge models.

I look forward to hearing more from Ed about the recent developments in the additive manufacturing industry from a focus on creating individual prototypes to industrial scale manufacturing.

3ntr printers.png3ntr by Plural: affordable, industrial-grade printers

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