Industry experts give their views on Solid Edge ST9

cloud 9.jpgWe were able to demonstrate Solid Edge ST9 to many press and analysts at our launch event in Orlando, and they have published a large number of articles focusing on different aspects of Solid Edge. Here are a few selected interviews and articles.

Jim Brown is an independent industry analyst and works for Tech-Clarity who conduct research and publish many interesting whitepapers on CAD, CAE and PLM. If you look through the Tech-Clarity website you will probably find something that will peak your interest and give you some good ideas about how to apply the latest software technology to improving your product development performance. I captured a short interview with Jim after our Solid Edge ST9 launch that you can watch below, and it’s also featured on our ST9 YouTube playlist.

Jim comments that with Solid Edge ST9 he sees that synchronous technology has taken another big step forward and this will help improve the productivity of individual engineers. Jim also believes the new cloud capabilities will make life easier for users, they can easily access their licenses and their personal user preference settings from the cloud making it easy to move from device to device.

 Chad Jackson, an industry analyst with Lifecycle Insights posted an interesting article “Solid Edge: Meeting customers where they live” Chad’s own research shows that 74% of small manufacturers manage at least some of their engineering data on desktops, laptops and shared drives as well as using enterprise software solutions. Chad notes that the new built-in Solid Edge data management capabilities are file based and that existing users will have to change very little to take advantage of these new capabilities. He contrasts this approach to the “file-less” approach of some other CAD vendors and concludes that the “Solid Edge file-based approach is more accessible and familiar to existing users.”

lifecycle insights.jpgResearch by Lifecycle Insights shows that most smaller manufacturers are still managing files locally

Oleg Shilovitsky is probably the most prolific blogger in the PLM industry with his Beyond PLM blog. Some of his posts can be a little “crystal ball” orientated but Oleg has a proven track record in PLM product development both with industry leaders and with his own successful start-ups, and his thinking always merits attention. His post “Solid Edge ST9 and cloud-enabled design” focuses on the cloud and data management aspects of ST9 and Oleg concludes “Solid Edge is responding to the demand by adding an interesting mix of data management, cloud technologies and integrations to Solid Edge product. It will be interesting to see how customers will adopt Dropbox based vaulting and collaboration for Solid Edge”.

 model.jpgKyle Maxey discusses modeling, 3D printing and Catchbook in his review of ST9

And for a broader overview of ST9 I like this review by Kyle Maxey on Kyle also reviews the modeling enhancements, and the Catchbook and 3D printing integrations in ST9. Kyle concludes his article“…with its Synchronous Technology and intuitive user interface, Solid Edge should be considered by any engineering firm looking for entry into 3D MCAD—or looking to make a design software switch. The amount of improvements made in ST9 underscores Siemens’ commitment to make Solid Edge the ultimate mainstream MCAD program.”

Do you agree with these industry experts? What grabs your attention about ST9?

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