IDC InfoBrief: Helping SMBs achieve digital transformation

By Anthony Johnson

Digital transformation is hailed as the new trend in product development and manufacturing, especially among industry leaders, so small- to mid-sized firms often feel left behind. Smaller companies often lack the tools or resources to successfully accelerate their own digital transformation at scale, so too often it takes a backseat amid other priorities.

To address this gap, Siemens PLM Software has produced the IDC InfoBrief, an analyst report that demonstrates how smaller firms can reap the benefits of digital transformation, without exposing themselves to too much risk. The report also shows how to determine if your digital transformation efforts are ahead of the curve, or lagging.

Download a free copy of IDC InfoBrief today.

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There is so much value in this report, but my personal favorite is the “Key Takeaways” section because it provides a high-level view of how to leverage digital transformation in product design and development to achieve a significant competitive advantage.


Still don’t know where to start? In this report, you’ll learn many other amazing things:


    • False assumptions many SMBs make about digital transformation
    • Approaches for implementing digital transformation when resources are tight
    • Key areas where digital transformation can support business priorities
    • Innovation accelerators for design and product development
    • How to leverage existing technology adoption to advance digital transformation

Read the IDC InfoBrief yourself to discover what digital transformation can do for SMBs.


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