Happy holidays! Print yourself a 3D star tree topper!

Happy Holidays from the Solid Edge team! Here’s a fun project we put together to celebrate the season! 

Want to add a little something special to your tree at home or work? We’ve designed a tree topper (in Solid Edge) of course, that you can bring to life with a 3D printer. Use the attached PAR file to print your star on any 3D printer, and transform a plain, boring tree into a unique work of art that’s bound to be an excellent conversation piece!

star 3D printed.png

Printed in a Yellow Translucent TPU material, this star will be flexible enough to allow a few bulbs from a standard set of tree lights to fit inside, giving it an internal glow, while still fitting over the top of the tree.

3D printed tree topper.jpg

Want to print a bigger star? In Solid Edge ST10 you have the ability to scale the “TreeTopper” part using the “Scale Body” command. Or add your own customizations as you see fit! But if you do, we want to see it–post pictures of your customizations below!

3D printing decorations.jpg

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