Design lighter, stronger products with Generative Design

Generative Design accelerates the creation of lighter components perfectly suited for manufacturing, supplementing powerful design tools with topology optimization.


With Generative Design in Solid Edge, you define your materials, design space, constraints and targets, and a geometric solution is calculated for you. The resulting shapes are ready for immediate manufacturing – no rebuilding, additional surfacing, or third party tools required.

Watch our on-demand Generative Design webinar to see the Solid Edge solution in action, and learn how to design lighter components, resulting in material savings, lower shipping costs, and more.

Our solutions for Generative Design feature powerful capabilities that enable you to design lighter, stronger, and more cost-effectively:

  • Automatically compute a reduced-mass geometric solution that maintains structural integrity using Efficient Topology Optimization for CAD parts
  • Produce advanced parts ready for 3D printing and manufacture
  • Evolve your designs using Convergent Modeling technology


Generative Design Infographic


Key benefits of Generative Design include:


  • Optimized designs
  • Lighter components
  • Lower material and shipping costs
  • Parts ready for 3D printing


Watch our on-demand Generative Design webinar to learn more about our Solid Edge solutions. This webinar is part of our Solid Edge Digital Transformation series.


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