Benefits of a Solid Edge CAM Pro Bundle

By wrightj

bun-dle; noun – a collection of things, or a quantity of material, tied or wrapped up together.  Software is often sold in bundles, and we are no exception to the rule.  Over time, individually-developed features tend to get pushed into a bundle, and then get sold at a discount.  For example, when we first released Cavity Milling it was an extra-cost feature, but now it is part of the 3-Axis bundle.

There is an advantage to our customers for buying bundles – we discount bundles over the individual features.  You get more features at a cheaper price.  There is also an advantage for our sales force – we don’t have to spend a tremendously long time explaining a feature and justifying it’s price on a quote sheet.  “I’m not sure I really need ZEN-PIE conversion feature.  Could you explain that one again?”  Instead, we group feature sets into typical workflows or product capability, like 2.5 Axis, 3 Axis, etc…

There are several buying options for Solid Edge CAM Pro, so let’s break down the possibilities a little:

  1. CAM-only bundle

  2. CAD + CAM bundle (my favorite)

  3. Ad hoc combination of add-ons

CAM-only bundles

There are 4 main varieties of the CAM-only bundle:

Product Name

Feature Set


2.5 Axis Milling

Gateway and CAM Base

3-Axis Milling Add-on


5-Axis Milling Add-on


Simulation Add-on

WAVE Geometry Linker

Turning Add-on

Machining Wizard Builder

Machining Knowledge Editor

Toolpath visualization and material removal

4-Axis Wire EDM

Graphical toolpath editing



Post Builder and Post Configurator

Shop Documentation

Work Instruction Authoring

Planar Milling

Face Milling

Cavity Milling

Z-Level Profiling

Feature Based Machining

Generic Motion Control


3+2 Positioning

3-Axis Milling

Everything above plus…

5-Axis Milling Add-on

Fixed Axis Area Milling

Simulation Add-on

Flow Cut for Valley Rest Milling

Turning Add-on

Streamline Milling

Machining Knowledge Editor

Cut Between Levels for Semi-finishing

4-Axis Wire EDM

Nurbs and spline output


Facet Machining

Adaptive Clearance Strategy

5-Axis Milling

Everything above plus…

Simulation Add-on

Sequential Milling

Turning Add-on

Variable Axis Surface Milling

Machining Knowledge Editor

Contour Profiling

4-Axis Wire EDM

3-to-5 Axis tilt tool

Total Machining

Everything above plus…



4-Axis Wire EDM

Integrated Verification and Simulation – both tool path and G-Code driven

Machine Tool Builder

Machining Knowledge Editor

Multi-channel synchronization

As you can see, Total Machining gives you everything except Turbomachinery, and you can expect the bundle prices to be lower than individual items.

CAD + CAM bundle

You can take any bundle above and combine it with Solid Edge Foundation, and get it at a reduced price versus buying them separately.  This is a very big advantage, because these are still separate seats of software.  You could install Solid Edge on one computer and have someone working on a new design, while another person works on a separate computer creating tool paths with Solid Edge CAM Pro at the same time.  That’s a value that embedded CAD/CAM products can’t provide.

Ad hoc combination of  add-ons

Let’s say you want to have a CAM seat that does Turning and Wire EDM.  You can do that:

1 seat of Solid Edge CAM Pro Foundation (the gateway application)

1 seat of Turning

1 Seat of Wire EDM

I can’t think of another ad hoc combo.  Most other combinations are included in one of the above bundles at a cheaper price.

If you’re attending IMTS, why not stop by booth 134500, East Building and see us?  You can get a live demo of both Solid Edge and Solid Edge CAM Pro.  We will also be showing off some live machining.


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