June webinar roundup – Siemens Digital Industries Software

By Angelique Grant

Our webinars provide insight into the challenges you can overcome through digital transformation. You can see how others have used software solutions to become more efficient and productive. You will learn more about our product lifecycle management solutions, Siemens Xcelerator and how you can gain the agility, flexibility and adaptability to turn ideas into innovation with greater efficiency and speed.

Why attend our webinars?

Our webinars delve into the transformative power of digital solutions, demonstrating how organizations can enhance efficiency, productivity and innovation through digitalization. Whether you’re interested in product lifecycle management, system simulations or optimizing manufacturing processes, our webinars offer actionable insights and strategies to help you succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

This month, we have many on-demand webinars you can watch anytime. We also have several upcoming virtual sessions you can register to attend live. Read the descriptions and follow the links below to register.

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If you find any of the following sessions appealing, follow the linked title to register and save your spot to attend live. Each webinar will switch to on-demand about a week after the live event. Please note we will send you a recording even if you miss the live session, so you will always have the opportunity to watch or rewatch at your convenience.

Process development and experiment data management for life science labs

Date: July 2, 2024
Times: 5 am EDT and 11 am EDT
Industry: Pharmaceutical and life science
Traditional paper-based or classic office software and storage pose significant risks in pharmaceutical and life science R&D organizations:

  • Data stays in silo, fragmented and uncontextualized: 60% of the experimental data is not reused.
  • Collaboration is slow because R&D teams are now more specialized and distributed.
  • Finding insights is almost impossible due to the volume of unstructured data.

Join us to learn about our solution to overcome these challenges with a native and secure cloud-based platform called Riffyn X. This solution focuses on gathering, contextualizing and integrating data throughout the life sciences development process, enabling data sharing in a structured and systematic way across an organization.

Streamline additive manufacturing processes from design to 3D printing: The value of an end-to-end workflow

Date: July 9, 2024
Time: 8 am EDT
Industries: Manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical technology
What’s the secret to faster output, fewer errors and improved product quality? It’s an end-to-end additive manufacturing workflow that connects and streamlines multiple processes with a single digital thread.

In this webinar, toolcraft AG and Siemens highlight how integrated design, simulation and printing processes make it possible to print high-quality parts correctly the first time. Join us to learn how toolcraft AG reduced development time and workflow errors while improving traceability and collaboration between departments. We’ll walk through their step-by-step process from the beginning design phase to the final printing and scanning of parts, showing they’re within tolerance.

Future-proof your battery cell production with shopfloor standardization

Date: July 11, 2024
Time: 9 am EDT
Industry: Battery
Building and maintaining battery cell plants can be a complex undertaking. From many hardware components to intricate automation systems, ensuring optimal performance requires a strategic approach.

Discover how to optimize your production line with standardized hardware, automation and safety solutions. Join us for a deep dive into shopfloor standardization for battery cell production, including the challenges cell producers face, the pain points of non-standardized battery cell production lines and how standardization across key areas can bring significant added value.

End-to-end generative automotive E/E design in 3D context

Date: July 23, 2024
Time: 3 am EDT
Industry: Automotive
Today’s automotive electrical designers face unprecedented challenges with continuous design changes and growing complexity. In this webinar, you will learn how to enable accelerated design, inherent quality, and reduce cost with advanced design tools like those in Siemens Capital software. Siemens Capital’s advanced electrical systems design can help you:

  • Improve innovation by automation of manual tasks.
  • Increase efficiency through continuous collaboration.
  • Optimize the design process by correct-by-construction designs and the reuse of 3D data.

If you are an engineering manager, a wiring designer, a harness designer or a mechanical engineer, please join us to learn more.

In case you missed it: Recent webinars you can watch on demand

These recordings are available to you at any time. Each includes all the related resources and other opportunities to engage and learn more about the topics that interest you and address your business challenges.

Redefining the role of designers in the RFQ process

The role of designers is becoming increasingly demanding as SMBs target new markets, introduce newer, more complex products, and compete more ferociously.  Learn how motion simulation and animation tools have become integral to responding to RFQs. Watch this webinar to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of designers in the RFQ process.
  • Explore the evolution of the RFQ process over the years and its impact on response times.
  • Discover the motion simulation and animation tools and capabilities that complement the skills of designers and design engineers.

This webinar is for:

  • Owners and top management at small and medium businesses seeking to streamline their RFQ process.
  • Technical leadership and functional managers, including design and CAD managers, aiming to enhance the productivity of their design and engineering teams.
  • Designers and engineers interested in exploring state-of-the-art tools and technologies to increase their effectiveness in their roles.

Unlocking global opportunities with ISO certifications for SMBs

Are you involved in the design, engineering or testing of manufactured products? Are you looking to ensure compliance with noise and vibration ISO standards and regulations but finding the process complex and overwhelming?

This webinar delves into the domain of ISO standards and certifications. We focus on their relevance for manufactured products and explain how to test products for compliance with these standards. Watch and learn how leading companies like HILTI and Briggs and Stratton are leveraging product testing capabilities to improve product quality, comply with global regulations and standards and expand into international markets.

How Siemens Energy is advancing turbine engineering

The demand for greener aviation, clean energy and sustainability is driving the need for new types of turbomachinery applications. However, the challenge lies in quickly bringing these products to market with minimal risk. A new and innovative approach to design is required, one that can efficiently discover new designs while minimizing time and costs. Watch now to unlock faster innovation, reduced risk and superior efficiency in your next turbomachinery project.

Hear from Siemens Energy, a global leader in energy technologies, about how they meet this challenge using multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) using the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. MDAO is a methodology that helps identify robust designs from a wide range of options, making it an integral part of product development.

Building a sustainable battery ecosystem with Jagenberg, Eirich and Siemens

Listen to industry leaders in the battery sector – Jagenberg Group, Eirich and Siemens – discuss the path towards a sustainable battery ecosystem. Discover how collaborative efforts and innovative solutions are forging an environmentally conscious and technologically advanced future.

This webinar explores groundbreaking initiatives, discusses industry trends and fosters dialogue on collectively driving positive change and advancements in pursuing sustainable batteries.

Catch up on this critical conversation about the future of batteries and machine building.

The secret to sustainable manufacturing: Robot optimization through additive manufacturing

This webinar examines how one company used generative design and additive manufacturing to improve operations. Learn how one small robot gripper made a significant impact.

The time of the overly large, slow-moving and energy-inefficient robot arm is over. Watch now to discover the secrets of this lightweight gripper and connect the dots to improve your smart manufacturing processes.

Model-based systems engineering for heavy equipment

Explore the value of integrated systems engineering & requirements and how this approach can smooth out your development process to enable continuous system integration. We demonstrate:

  • Why MBSE starts with an integrated product architecture
  • The importance of extending MBSE to suppliers
  • The Siemens approach to MBSE
  • How an IBM-Siemens partnership helps break down silos and creates a comprehensive digital thread
  • How to get started on your own MBSE journey with a maturity assessment

Learn how heavy equipment manufacturing teams can design complex machines more efficiently and with less risk by embracing an MBSE approach. 

How to integrate strength and durability analysis in simulation for industrial machinery

Learn how to use efficient workflows and get to the real loads. In this webinar for designers and engineers, we show how to bridge the gap between simulation results and real-world strength and durability. Watch to learn how you can: 

  • Get from stress results informative results on strength
  • Save a lot of time by integrating the strength and durability workflows with structural analysis
  • Get the loads that are acting on a component by easy-to-access measurements
  • Integrate the workflow of structural analysis, measurements, load prediction and durability
  • Design parts efficiently with respect to their strength and durability

Driving service excellence in heavy equipment

Watch this webinar to learn how the integration between Siemens Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management and IBM Maximo can help you turn equipment service-related activities into a competitive advantage. The joint solution enables continuous process and data validation to optimize the complete product service lifecycle in the heavy equipment industry. You’ll hear from Siemens and IBM solution experts on the value of optimizing the equipment service lifecycle with a closed-loop strategy that spans design, service engineering, service planning and enterprise asset management.

Accelerate consumer packaged goods innovation with consumer centricity

Transform your approach to consumer packaged goods (CPG) with Siemens and Accenture. The (CPG) industry is undergoing significant transformations, changing how consumers interact with products and brands. In partnership with Accenture, we explore solutions to help you navigate these changes effectively.

Learn from experts discussing innovations in digital continuity, product, packaging and labeling design that can help you adapt faster to market needs, meet changing consumer expectations, stay ahead of regulations and go to market faster.

  • Consumer-centric strategies: Tailor your products more effectively by understanding and anticipating consumer needs and behaviors.
  • Omnichannel shopping and smart packaging: Adapt to new shopping paradigms and leverage smart packaging to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Regulatory compliance and product provenance: Navigate the complex regulatory environment with ease and use product provenance to gain consumer trust and market advantage.
  • Personalized product creation: Stand out in a crowded market with unique, customized offerings that meet the specific desires of your consumers.

Find out how to reshape your strategy and accelerate innovation within your organization.

What’s new in NX CAD for students and educators

Students and educators using the NX Academic Edition should watch this webinar about the newest applications from the recent releases of NX CAD and the benefits of incorporating new software and features into your engineering curriculum.

You will learn:

  • Benefits of using, teaching and learning the newest NX CAD software
  • What’s new in NX CAD
  • How to update your NX Academic version
  • Information about the NX Certification, digital badging and additional student resources

Designing efficient workflow for vehicle aerodynamics, acoustics and thermal management

Automotive manufacturers must refine development processes to achieve greater efficiency and innovation. Within this landscape, the optimization of aerodynamics and thermal management stands as a pillar, heavily reliant on cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools and methodologies. Watch this webinar to learn about our advanced, hardware-agnostic platform engineered to tackle the complexities of modern vehicle development.

Join us as we dig into the world of CFD, where the convergence of new general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) hardware and more efficient workflow helps engineers earlier in the design cycle.

SDV trends lead to cloud-based development environment

As software defined vehicle (SDV) trends continue to gain momentum, the automotive industry is witnessing a profound shift toward more complex domain-centric architectures. These advancements necessitate agile development cycles to meet evolving consumer demands. Find out how Siemens Xcelerator empowers automotive manufacturers to stay ahead in the era of SDV innovation with a cloud-based development environment.

In particular, engineering managers, platform/AUTOSAR development teams and IT tool managers will benefit from watching to learn more about:

  • What the shift to SDV means
  • How to increase efficiency, collaboration and actability throughout your development team
  • Ways to increase speed of access, flexibility

Chasing the dual mission of product cost and carbon emission savings

Given the significant expectations of reducing carbon emissions, manufacturers in the automotive industry need to deliver greener cars at competitive costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Calculating product costs and carbon footprint early in design is crucial. It helps make informed decisions that reduce costs, enhance sustainability, and meet consumer expectations, resulting in more efficient delivery of new, innovative, and environmentally friendly products, ensuring profitability. Join us to learn how to develop products for a targeted cost and carbon footprint with a calculation engine that helps you create a cost structure based on engineering knowledge and integrated data content.

The advantages of a closed-loop quality system for discrete manufacturers

Discover the value of collaboration across the entire engineering, quality and manufacturing product lifecycle. This webinar explores techniques for integrating your Quality Management System (QMS) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process.

Get to know Teamcenter Quality. A closed-loop QMS promotes a consistent, centralized and strategic approach to quality assurance. Learn more about how the implementation of a closed-loop QMS assists in preventing data duplication or loss across various departments, plants and suppliers.

You can also search our resource library for additional webinar sessions that may interest you.


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