Siemens Mechanical Design: Engineering design for every company

By David Lyell

Siemens Mechanical Design is a game-changer for small and medium businesses aiming to lead in the competitive world of engineering design. This innovative solution enables businesses to meet their design needs effectively while also future-proofing their operations. With Siemens, companies can embark on their digital transformation journey, equipped with a broad range of capabilities at a lower ownership cost. It’s not just about addressing current needs; it’s about setting up your business for success in the future, safeguarding your engineering data, and ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

What is Siemens Mechanical Design?

The flexibility and scalability of Siemens’ CAD tools are unparalleled, allowing businesses to seamlessly transition from 2D drafting to comprehensive multi-discipline design for small and medium businesses to enterprise manufacturers. This flexibility is a cornerstone of Siemens Mechanical Design. We have the right tools businesses need precisely when they need them.

At its core, Siemens Mechanical Design is a CAD package that combines NX and Solid Edge. Your business can support engineering teams with the right mix of tools and investment. We’ve incorporated floating licenses and unmatched interoperability between CAD applications.

Bringing together NX and Solid Edge in your business means that the industry’s most widely used geometric modeling kernel will empower your businesses with features and innovations that deliver a competitive edge. From large dataset performance that enterprise manufacturers depend on to mechanical and freeform modeling, you’ll be ready to transform the CAD landscape in your operations.

Manage flexibility between CAD applications

We’ve found that features like guided process wizards for generative design, built-in ergonomic studies, high-end visualization like VR, and integrated scalable simulation and CAM, enable businesses to significantly boost engineering productivity. Our suite of tools ensures that SMBs can scale their operations effectively while leveraging specialist industry applications to meet diverse project requirements. You’ll have instant and scalable access to a broad set of features that allow for innovative design solutions, improved product quality, and enhanced market responsiveness.

Unlock collaboration with Teamcenter Share

We’ve built Teamcenter Share into NX and Solid Edge so that your engineers can utilize a secure, centralized storage system that brings internal and external partners into alignment. Teamcenter Share is built in the cloud, so you’ll have full synchronization access to your files online and offline. This means you can access your data regardless of where you are, in the office, on the shop floor or in the field. Collaboration is seamless with permission-based sharing, engineering markup, augmented reality, and task management, all at your fingertips.

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David Lyell is a Siemens Digital Industries Software marketing manager and serves the Small and Medium Business industry. He has worked in manufacturing and marketing across several industries, including automation, job shops, additive manufacturing and woodworking.

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