How can small and medium businesses use IIoT?

By David Lyell

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) face increasing global competition as they bring products to market. As products become increasingly complex and customer demands require more personalization, SMBs face intense technical and engineering challenges.

On any given day, your business balances quality with throughput while managing supply chains and timelines for rapid product launches. These demands push many smaller businesses to reassess their processes to remain competitive. As a result, many businesses seek solutions to improve production efficiency and satisfy new and evolving manufacturing standards.

However, there is still much skepticism about adopting new software technologies; frequently cited reasons like complexity, cost, and a lack of resources are why small and medium-sized firms believe software solutions like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are not for them. However, progress has been made and you’ll be surprised to learn how easily you can implement IIoT in your business.

What is Siemens Connected Services?

Siemens Connected Services solution enables businesses to implement IIoT and cloud technologies to connect, monitor and operate all aspects of their business. Adopting a connected hardware and software strategy provides small and medium-sized businesses access to vast quantities of actionable data for measuring machine availability and performance. This data provides design teams with real-time insights from advanced analytics enhancing equipment design.

How to implement IIoT in a small or medium-sized business

The benefits of integrating IIoT into your small or medium-sized business can start with simple solutions and scale to your business needs. By installing sensors on industrial machinery, manufacturers can obtain insights to provide predictive maintenance and enhance service activities, thereby reducing warranty costs and accelerating problem resolution. With access to exhaustive information derived from systems and high-quality work instructions, service technicians can increase machine availability and reliability and effectively add value to customers. IIoT provides continuous visibility into energy usage across the enterprise, enabling businesses to track and optimize energy consumption, comply with customer mandates and government regulations, and reduce costs by equipping businesses with the means to increase energy efficiency.

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