How Opcenter APS helps Trek Bicycle avoid production shutdowns and improve the timeliness of customer orders

By Claire Cole

The Trek Bicycle Corporation designs and manufactures high-end bikes, striving to make the world a better place to live and ride. Their Project One program centers around giving customers the ability to design the bike of their dreams. Choosing from custom colors, paint schemes and components, customers follow a streamlined process to build their ideal bike.

However, obstacles like parts shortages are bound to come up, creating delays and extended lead times for customers. With the help of Opcenter APS, though, Trek Bicycle has more insight into the entire production process and has been able to streamline the process better.

Production planning and scheduling with Opcenter APS

 To ensure the best experience for customers, Trek Bicycle has relied on digital tools. With the help of Opcenter APS, customers receive production dates after they place their orders that are generated based on the availability of parts and production capacity. Having an advanced planning and scheduling solution also allows the company to test various scenarios, do longer-term capacity analysis and move work orders and sales dates without the headache of a manual process.

“There were days I was spending hours manually entering dates, but now thanks to Opcenter, I can use my time to do analysis or find other ways to optimize our business,” says Eric Schultz, master scheduling manager at Trek Bicycle. “Opcenter frees up hours of my time for higher added-value tasks.”

The Opcenter Advantage for Trek Bicycle

What is the broader business implication for Trek Bicycle? Utilizing Opcenter APS has freed up the company’s scheduling team to do more strategic analysis and less manual date changing. Schultz says the company can now manage more than twice the amount of work with the same team size. Not only that: Trek has avoided production shutdowns and maintained the positive buyer experience they always want to offer their customers.

Want to learn more about Trek Bicycle’s experience with Opcenter APS? Read the full customer story. If you’re interested in trying out Opcenter APS for yourself, sign up for a 30-day trial.

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