Mechanical Product Design and Design Simulation

By Earnest Cavalli
Focused Engineer

Gone are the days of efficiency, resource cost, and product quality being mutually exclusive. Thanks to innovative solutions such as Mechanical Product Design and Design Simulation you can have your cake and eat it too. And now, we’re offering you a completely cost-free opportunity to see what you’ve been missing.

Mechanical Product Design

In a changing market – in a changing world – you need the flexibility to adapt. No one can tell you what tomorrow might bring, so to meet the rigorous demands of your clients, you must be able to change direction on the fly. Mechanical Product Design simplifies changes to existing models by leveraging synchronous, direct-modeling techniques. That translates to shortened design cycle times, and less need to outsource. That makes your firm more agile, and better able to change with a changing market –and it’s all scalable to meet your unique needs.

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Design Simulation

No one can predict the future, but you can predict how a product will perform with greater ease and flexibility than ever before, thanks to Design Simulation. Gone are the days of losing valuable prototypes due to unforeseen design challenges, as smart tools identify your CAD geometry to generate meshes for high-quality simulation testing. Thermal analysis, vibration and stress testing, and the motion of flexible bodies – if it’s critical, it’s in the simulation.

Most crucially, Design Simulation has been built with your needs in mind. Scalable and intuitive, Design Simulation can prove crucial to firms of all sizes by offering reduced outsourcing needs and the knowledge necessary to build a better product, faster.

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