How an APS solution can help discrete industry manufacturers

Discrete industry is changing. Manufacturers are facing three major pressures:

  • High demand
  • Flexibility
  • Predictivity

These all center around production planning, which is difficult as the number of possible production scenarios is high. Plus, planners must deal with additional challenges. Sales wants on-time deliveries. Production can’t react to outer world changes. Finance only sees the cost of everything.

Discrete industry manufacturing companies need help turning these challenges into opportunities.

Using an advanced planning and scheduling solution that integrates with other systems and resources in the plan can go a long way in optimizing and streamlining production.

Opcenter APS is an advanced planning and scheduling software solution that uses complex algorithms to analyze and calculate production schedules in minutes. Some key features of Opcenter APS are:

  • Its ability to integrate with other systems already in place
  • Its flexibility and adaptation to constraint modeling
  • Progressive implantation

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Still need some convincing? Play our interactive game simulating scheduling production for a bicycle factory. Put your skills to the test!

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