Webinars of the month – May 2017

By JessicaFertier


Introduction to the fundamentals of acoustic engineering

On-demand webinar

This presentation gives you an introduction to the theory of the fundamentals of acoustics, considered in the context of functional performance engineering. Basic concepts like frequencies and wavelengths of sound waves and the sensitivity of the human hearing are explained, as well as the decibel scale, octaves and the meaning of acoustical weighting and different acoustical environments.

Fundamentals-of-acoustics.jpgGet familiar with following topics :

  • What is sound?

  • What is the human auditory range?

  • The decibel scale

  • Octaves

  • Acoustical weighting, Acoustical field

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Live webinars

Predicting NVH and drivability for conventional, electric and hybrid powertrains

May 2nd, 11am EST

8182206525_dd699da35c_o.jpgThis webinar can help answer questions like:

  • How to use LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim for representing NVH attributes of a vehicle?

  • What are varied levels of fidelity in representing various components in the drivetrain for NVH attributes?

  • How to use the APP tool to post-process the drivability rating for various maneuvers?

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Simulating cabin interior acoustics

May 4, 11am EST

Main_interior_sound_source_localization_tcm661-218694.jpgThis free webinar is designed for anyone interested in questions like:

  • What is the recent trend in cabin acoustics simulation?

  • What is cabin noise composed of and how do I simulate them individually?

  • How can I predict aero-acoustic noise contributions inside the cabin?

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Simulating full vehicle exterior acoustics

May 9, 11am EST

exterior acoustics.pngThis webinar is designed for anyone interested in questions like:

  • How to approach simulating pass by noise, door slam noise, engine noise to the environment, emitted sound for pedestrian safety in?

  • Which are the technical challenges and state of the art solvers for simulating full vehicle exterior acoustics?

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Fundamentals of vibration and modal analysis

May 11, 11am EST

Modal_Analysis.jpgThis webinar will address the following questions:

  • What is vibration?

  • How do I understand vibration problems using the ‘source’, ‘path’, ‘receiver’ model?

  • What is a single degree of freedom (SDOF) model?

  • What is resonance and how does it affect my product?

  • How are frequency response functions used to identify resonances?

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Dynamic Analyses of Industrial Equipment

May 11, 1pm EST

In6.jpg this webinar you will learn more about:

  • Modal analysis concepts and applications

  • Specialty easy-to-use graphical pre-processor

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