Webinars of the month – March 2017


Driving the more electric aircraft challenge with model-based systems engineering

On-demand webinar

Aircraft1.jpgAs never before, the aerospace industry must reduce time-to-market, maintenance costs and fuel consumption to meet tomorrow’s certification rules. In this context, a new trend has appeared: engineers are working on the replacement of conventional hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems with electrical ones.

You will learn in this on-demand webinar how LMS Imagine.Lab, part of the Simcenter portfolio, enables you to design the electrical network of any aircraft.

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Live webinars

Thermal and Structural Simulations of Injection Molding Machines

March 1, 1pm EST

STLP-main-image-STAR-CCM-explorer-200x170_tcm1023-253237.jpgIn this webinar you will learn more about:

– Cooling line optimization/cycle time reduction,

– Prediction of mold flash.

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Balance and optimize system productivity and energy-efficiency of industrial machines using model based system engineering

March 2, 11am EST

2017-02-28 11_57_34-LMS Imagine.Lab – Improving the energy consumption of a press brake - YouTube.pngAttend the webinar will help you to: 
– Improve machine productivity by performing multi-domain systems sizing 
– Ensure accuracy, quality and reliability over a cycle duration through simulation of transient behavior 
– Reduce commissioning time by validating and calibrating PLC programs using a model of the machine 
– Improve energy efficiency by finding the sources of energy loss and high consumption.

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Simulation of Complex Geometry Castings

March 15, 1pm EST

STLP-main-image-STAR-CCM-explorer-200x170_tcm1023-253237.jpgIn this webinar you will learn more about:

– How to leverage multiple CAD systems,

– Synchronous Technology for model preparation.

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Multi-domain system simulation for Marine & Shipbuilding Industries

March 16, 11am EST


Today, the marine industry is requested to respond to the ecological challenges the International Maritime Organization is imposing, while keeping costs, innovation and operation as low as possible. Meeting these objectives will require the development of advanced powertrain technologies to master the growing complexity of these engineering systems

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How to accurately predict durability road loads

March 23, 11am EDT

Durability_road_load.pngIn this webinar you will learn how to predict road loads for durability analysis, both realistically; same boundary condition as test measurement and pragmatically; no tire model or digitized road surface.

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Design Based Topology Optimization

March 29, 1pm EST

STLP-main-image-STAR-CCM-explorer-200x170_tcm1023-253237.jpgIn this webinar you will learn more about:

– Additive manufacturing,

– How to quickly identify optimum shape while minimizing weight.

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Introduction to FFT Analysis

March 30, 11am EDT

Main_FFT_analyzer_tcm1023-226123.pngIn this webinar you will find answers to these questions:

– How much do you really understand about the FFT analyzer?

– Why are Windows important?

– What is Aliasing?

– How does Averaging affect the result?

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