Webinars of the month – February 2017

By JessicaFertier

Live webinars

Fundamentals of Fatigue

February 2, 11am EST

Fatigue.jpgIn this webinar you will learn:

  • The basic principles of fatigue versus strength,

  • What are the different failure modes and the influence of external factors,

  • Two main approaches to derive the fatigue life of a component.

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LMS Test.Lab Series: Plotting

February 3, 11am EST
In this webinar you will learn tips and tricks for plotting data in LMS Test.Lab. The webinar will cover format based printing, plotting in Microsoft programs, and batch reporting.

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Acoustic Modeling with Statistical Energy Analysis

February 9, 11am EST

In this webinar you will discover:

  • The theory and the limitations of the energy methods,

  • How to compare this method against other deterministic methods,

  • Application examples from several industrial contexts,

  • A demonstration of interior cabin noise computation using the sea method.

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LMS Test.Lab Series: Data Processing

February 10, 11am EST

LMS Test.Lab Data processing.jpgIn this webinar we will illustrate tips and tricks for data processing in LMS Test.Lab:

  • Time signal calculator (including filtering, math, and resampling),

  • Run data averaging,

  • Offline RPM extraction,

  • Processing.

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3D Simulation – The corner stone of a predictive development process

February 15, 1pm EST

Validate Products Accurately & Reliably.jpgIn this webinar you will learn:

  • Capabilities of Simcenter,

  • Development process with a variety of CAD systems.

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Focus on your engineering skills by using system simulation

February 16, 11am EST

Amesim.pngIn this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use our integrated system simulation platform to accurately predict the multidisciplinary performance of your intelligent systems,

  • How to model, simulate and analyze multi-domain controlled systems.

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LMS Test.Lab Series: Advanced Data Processing

February 17, 11am EST

LMS Test.Lab Advanced Data processing.jpgIn this webinar you will learn more about advanced data processing in LMS Test.Lab:

  • Angle domain processing,

  • wavelets,

  • Harmonic tracking and removal,

  • Kalman filtering.

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Aeroacoustics for the aviation industry

February 23, 11am EST

Aero_Acoustic_Modeling.jpgIn this webinar you will learn:

  • Is there a possibility to simulate full aircraft cabin noise problems,

  • How to model airframe components in view of improving acoustic performances,

  • How to model efficiently large flow induced noise problem,

  • What are the recent trends in cabin acoustics simulation.

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LMS Test.Lab Series: Sound Diagnosis and Metrics

February 24, 11pm EST

Sound Diagnosis.pngThis webinar will cover:

  • Real-time filtering and listening,

  • Loudness and sones,

  • Tonal metrics,

  • Modulation and envelopes.

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