Acquire Industry 4.0 skills: Free virtual commissioning training for automation engineers

By Rajesh Ramaya Selvaraj

The proliferation of software, electronics, and PLCs in production systems renders virtual commissioning knowledge a highly sought competency. Please check out the previous blog to learn more about multi-physics machine automation and virtual commissioning.

According to the German association of machine tool builders research, the commissioning process accounts for 25% of the machine development time. The time spent purely on debugging automation and control logic during the commissioning phase is phenomenal 15-18%. Virtual commissioning permits machine manufacturers to commission machines early, safely, and eliminate any unexpected delay at the crucial stage of the project.

Have you ever had problems delivering a machine on time?

Did you ever struggle to reach the machine performance your customer required?

Do you want to make sure to have the best PLC controls possible before you go to the shop-floor?

Try virtual commissioning training for free

Manufacturing companies’ can now explore and experience virtual commissioning for free. No download or installation or access fee is required. With the SIMATIC automation software and Simcenter Amesim software on the cloud platform, you can practice virtual commissioning on your PC.

Get your virtual commissioning (multi-physics machine control and automation) access

The virtual commissioning trail platform includes several hands-on training, including the one shown below, a closed-loop control of hydraulic axes.

Why you should try virtual commissioning?

  • Hands-on tutorial to build your first multi-physics simulation model in Simcenter Amesim for automation
  • Analyze the dynamic behavior of the control system in a virtual environment using Automation connect and PLCSIM Advanced
  • Explore the virtual PLC and HMI to validate control logics and operator interfaces on a real industrial use case
  • Learn how easy and straight forward it is to optimize PID control parameters

How to access your free trial?

  • Register with your LinkedIn or Google account or create a new account
  • Confirm your registration
  • The 30-day free training is ready for your access
Virtual commissioning training access procedure
Virtual commissioning training access procedure

The free cloud application includes everything you need to instantly experience virtual validation of multiphysics systems together with PLC controls. You can start your trial anytime, anywhere with a web browser in just minutes. The trial environment includes Simcenter Amesim, TIA Portal and PLCSIM Advanced software, sample files, instruction guides and video tutorials.

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