STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS 2020.1 Released

By HarryLehtiniemi

The latest release of STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS, version 2020.1, is now available for download from our customer portal.  Download now and get access to a host of new features and enhancements provided in this great release including:

  • Obtain better predictions of wall heat transfer with the improved GruMo-UniMORE wall function
  • Simulate soot formation in gasoline engines using new soot libraries created for E0, E5 and E10 gasolines
  • Track flame development into the exhaust ports with the G-equation model
  • Model post-flame reactions with detailed chemistry with the G-equation model without activating the knock model
  • Create refinements for port details automatically in es-ice
  • Generate dual fuel ECFM libraries with a flexible EGR definition using DARS

Please contact your in-cylinder Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) for a full “New Features” presentation covering all new features and enhancements in STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS 2020.1, and stay tuned for more new in-cylinder simulation capabilities coming in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2 in June.

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