Simcenter Conference: Improving Best Practices

GettyImages-948135592.jpgYou have to validate the design of a new product. You analyze and iterate on the product with the design team for months and once you think you are done you believe you have developed the best design. However, sometimes it is not about what you are validating, but how you are validating.  Was it the right way, was there a better way, was there a more efficient way? Like with any design or deliverable, there is always room for improvement.  In fact, it is a continuous process of revising and improving the final deliverable. Which is exactly why you should attend the Simcenter Conference and gain insights from one of its benefits: Improving Best Practices. 


People and companies are always innovating and discovering new ways to be the “best-in-class.” It is important to ask yourself how can we improve the design process?  You can help improve the design process by being more productive and efficient, reducing time-to-market and saving overall costs for the company. In addition, it is important to learn about how others in a market are solving similar problems in order for you to enhance your own productivity. That is why if you attend the Simcenter conference you will be able to hear from other engineers and analysts from companies from a wide spectrum of industries explain how they are currently improving their best practice. 

One of the speakers is Craig Hill, CEO of DfR Solutions, who will speak on best practices in design reliability for safety-critical electronics using reliability physics analysis (RPS). This uses physical science to predict reliability and prevent failures. It also works best when it is integrated into the simulation and design workflow. In a situation where you are dealing with safety-critical electronics, wouldn’t you want an improved design process to produce the most productive outcome? Of course! That is why Craig is going to present how their methods will provide insights early in the design process and reduce the number of prototypes while accelerating the product qualifications. 

Consistently revising your processes is necessary to not only improve the overall productivity but can ultimately help increase market share and improve overall customer satisfaction. Therefore understanding how others are trying to address similar problems and improve their best practices is critical and one of the benefits of attending the Simcenter conference.


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