Simcenter Conference 2019: Exciting panel of keynote speakers includes Dr. Hannah Fry – Part 2

Aside from keynote addresses from our panel of industry experts mentioned in Part 1 we have a special surprise for you. A very special surprise.

Dr. Hannah Fry will be joining us as one of our speakers. She is an Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL where she studies patterns in human behavior.

Dr. Hannah Fry

Those of us lucky enough to be familiar with her work on TV and radio in the UK will need no introduction to her. But if you’re not familiar with her, you’re in for a treat.

Let me tell you a little about Dr. Fry. Her research applies to a wide range of social problems and questions, from shopping and transport to urban crime, riots and terrorism. Her unique approach to explaining mathematics and data on her various critically acclaimed TV programs such as “Horizon: Diagnosis on Demand”, “Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry’s Mysterious World of Maths”, and “The Joy of Data” have won her a legion of fans from across the globe.

Algorithms, here, there, everywhere…

In the simulation world, we are very familiar with algorithms that help us figure out stress, pressure drop and changes in temperature. In her presentation How to be Human in the Age of the Machine she focuses on other algorithms that surround us. She’ll examine whether we should rely on algorithms to know what’s best, and ask if we can trust them over our own judgement. For example, would we trust an algorithm to send someone to jail? Or to diagnose someone with cancer? How about an algorithm that analyzes our friendships to calculate whether we are reliable enough to take out a loan? 

During her presentation, she’ll lift the lid on the inner workings of these algorithms, demonstrate their power, expose their limitations, and perhaps most importantly examine whether they are an improvement on the humans they are replacing.

This will be an utterly fascinating session and I for one just can’t wait to watch it. If you haven’t already registered for the event, please follow this link to find out more information and to register.

See you in Amsterdam.

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