Simcenter community: Welcome on board!

By AllisonFassin

We’re excited to announce you that we now have a brand new community for all our users of products that are part of the Simcenter solutions portfolio here on the Siemens PLM Community.

This section merges our former LMS, NX Simulation and FEMAP categories, simplifies the navigation and promotes collaboration between users of the 1D simulation, 3D simulation and testing products.

The reason why we are making this change now is that in this way we can provide a single dedicated area for all our physics-based simulation and testing solutions, whether you analyze your products at a granular level (like components) or as entire systems; whether it is early in the design cycle when you need to rapidly narrow down ideas to the best solutions or near the end of the development cycle when you need to validate the physical performance of the manufactured product.

The best solution to your problem may no longer be just a 1D, a 3D or a testing method, but rather a combination of various Simcenter technologies. In fact, as products become ever more complex, that will increasingly be the case. That is why we saw value in a unified space.

Within this dedicated space, you will find all the information related to our products.

You can access product-specific sections in the forum area:

  • 1D simulation forum: exchange on LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim, Sysdm and System Synthesis

  • 3D simulation forum: find information on Simcenter 3D (the successor of NX CAE, LMS Virtual.lab and LMS Samtech), NX Nastran and Femap

  • Testing forum: share tips on LMS Test.Lab, LMS SCADAS, LMS Test.Xpress, LMS Tecware, LMS Soundbrush and LMS Qsources


In addition to our forums, we also have a Simcenter blog, where you can read exclusive articles and find out more about our applications, solutions and events, and where you can learn more about who is behind all the products we develop.

To access more detailed information and tech tips, you can also browse through our Knowledge Bases dedicated to 1D simulation, 3D simulation and test. Additionally we have specific sections for event collaterals and downloadables. And finally, don’t forget that you can subscribe to any of these areas through community subscription (immediate, daily and weekly emails can be managed via “my settings”) or that you can subscribe via RSS. Either of these can be found in the “options” menu.

To animate this community, you can rely on our experienced community managers: @JulieErcolaniP, @AllisonFassin, @JessicaFertier, @Ganesh_S and @AlRobertson. If you have any question or suggestion for improvement, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via the messaging system. 

Welcome to all our Simcenter users! We hope you will find this new space an excellent source of information and knowledge, and we hope that participation in our community will help you become more proficient using our solutions!

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