Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain Wins Prestigious Industry Award

The Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Awards acknowledges products that demonstrate leadership in engineering and celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking products serving the design engineering community. So it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce that Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain has won Bronze in its Software category. Sponsored by Design World, the Software Leap Award covers design automation software in the areas of CAD, CAM, simulation and additive manufacturing.

Products considered for this award needed to show how an engineer would use it to create better designs. And they needed to illustrate how much they changed the industry or even set themselves as a benchmark. Winners were then chosen by a panel of experts and the editorial staff from Design World.

Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain module does indeed meet every one of those criteria. Most impressively, it can help reduce transmission simulation efforts by 80 percent.

What is Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain?

Quickly generate transmission geometry and simulate motion performance in a fraction of the time

Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain is a vertical application that enables engineers to easily define and simulate complex transmission systems based on industry standards. Engineers can simply enter basic transmission parameters that define the overall configuration of a transmission system. Simcenter 3D then automatically creates the full 3D transmission model, including geometry, based on these parameters. Once the base model is created, engineers can set gear contact parameters and operating conditions for the transmission, and the entire model is ready to solve in just minutes instead of hours or days.

With an accurate solver method for gear contact, gear-force variations can be captured with great confidence since all relevant effects can be considered. This advanced method has been validated with experimental test results measured using physical gear systems mounted on a test rig.

Additionally, transmission simulation with Simcenter 3D Drivetrain can be mated with Simcenter™ 3D Acoustics software to perform a noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) assessment. Thereby helping engineers achieve reliable and fast gear multibody simulations using validated advanced solver methodologies that can account for issues such as gear rattle and gear whine. In fact, Hyundai Motor Company has already put Simcenter 3D Drivetrain to the test with immediate success, and can be seen in this video:

Learn more about Simcenter 3D.

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